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Having your eyes tested regularly is important. Even if you don't think you have difficulty with your vision, an eye examination can reveal other aspects of your health. Our skilled optometrists can detect a variety of diseases and conditions as well as helping you to see more clearly.


We regularly take on new patients who have moved into the area or just want a new optician. Our patient list is currently open and transferring to us is straightforward and free.


An eye examination takes about 30 minutes. We take time to understand your concerns and vision needs. We use free retinal photography, which lets us track the health of your eyes over time and other records to build a picture of your eyes allowing us to prescribe the perfect prescription for your needs.

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Free Eye Test

In Scotland you can get your eyes tested FREE.


The eye test will provide a comprehensive eye health check which can detect lots of health issues.  Eyes, unlike other parts of the body, uniquely allow health professionals to view your blood vessels and as a result provide a very important way of checking your general health.


If you have problems with your eyes - pain, irritation or any other condition, your first call should be your local optician.  At Caboodle Eyecare we'll be able to quickly assess the issue and help you.